Tikkurila Temadur clear Gloss

Product codes: 00556000310, 00556000360

A two-component, glossy polyurethane varnish, hardener aliphatic isocyanate

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  • Provides extra protection and color and gloss improvement. The lacquer is used for topcoating polyurethane paint systems making the paint film durable, non-chalkingand easy to clean
  • The product has MED (Marine Equipment Directive) certificate no EUFI29-19002225-MED and is thus accepted for painting surfaces inside the ships
  • Suitable for various surfaces. Temadur Clear also adheres well to copper, aluminium and zinc surfaces
  • Excellent weathering and abrasion resistance
  • For industrial use only according to Directive 1999/13/EC
  • When used in interior wooden surfaces, please see “Application instructions Temadur Clear with hardener 0087596”
  • Recommended for transport and haulage equipment, storage tank exteriors, steel framework and other steel structures, machinery and equipment

Take note!

Components to be added must be purchased separately:

Hardener: Hardener 008 7590

Thinner: Thinner 006 1048

For industrial and professional use only.

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0.45 L, 4.5 L


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