Complex solutions

We appreciate the responsibility and our place in Latvia, therefore, we provide customers with a product or service which we are convinced about- high quality of material, delivery service, the exact development of technology and the commitment deadline. This is our attitude to what we do, our guiding principle in the choice of suppliers and partners.


We have three retail paint shops-warehouses "Direct" in the major Latvian cities - Riga, Daugavpils and Liepaja. We take care that there is everything you need for painting and the customer can get professional advice from competent professionals.

Wholesale trade

Direct products delivery of world-class paint, tools and equipment manufacturers. There is an option of more than 6000 products in our warehouses.

Painting and decorating

Always on time, qualitative and technologically precise – we are stable partners for contractors. It does not matter if it needs to paint Olympic sports center and swimming pool, hospital, office or private house, about 40 professionally trained, experienced painters are constantly working in our company. Our works speaks for itself.

Painting equipment and guns

There is an opportunity to order painting equipment and gungs from the world's leading product brands:


Durr and Titan.


High quality materials for grinding, joinery tools from Festool

High quality materials for grinding and polishing. Different types of abrasive materials and tools are on offer, ensureing the highest work quality. We invite you to get acquainted with the full assortment in DIRECT color shop in Riga, Vienibas gatve 93!

Jowat industrial adhesives

By choosing the right adhesive, you will get the highest quality product that you and your customers will appreciate! Jowat adhesives use the latest technology to focus on details and customer specific requirements.

Metal anticorrosion and fire protection painting

Not always painting can be done in the workshop, so our mountaineers and painters are specially trained and certified to work in special circumstances, with the utmost technology, as well as labor and environmental protection.

Goods and services for carpenters, joiners and furniture manufacturers

Our wide range includes high-quality varnishes and paints (polyurethane, PU acrylic, water-based), stains, patinas, oils, adhesives (PVA and hot glues), abrasives and professional tools from world-class manufacturers: ADLER, Renner Italia, Tikkurila, Ilva, Jowat, LBA, Festool, AWUKO Abrasives.

Epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic floor construction

In collaboration with the Tikkurila we offer special coatings on concrete floors on cases of high mechanical, chemical, thermal load, as well as coatings, which are the main aesthetic requirements.

Concrete floor polishing

Using a unique HTC Superfloor ™ diamond grinding and polishing techniques, we are able to maintain the natural appearance of concrete, but the outcome is a smooth, wear-resistant, brilliant, nurturing, antistatic multifunctional floor, with no additional chemical treatment will last forever.

Solid wood board and parquet floor grinding and processing

We offer grinding and processing of solid wood boards and parquet floors with protective coatings. We have special equipment, abrasives and protective coatings for wood floor processing. We provide fast delivery deadlines, quality and warranty.

UV finishing line and lamp diagnostics

UV lamp timing and power analysis of the data (power, energy) UV lamp diagnostics, finishing line functional efficiency of the evaluation and recommendations for improvement.

In-house laboratory

We are taking responsibility for each of the products supplied - provide material testing, product demonstrations, painter training, the client desired sample material production on client's material.

Light room

We offer design and architecture literature as a source of inspiration and a tool to orient the wide selection of colors in the specialized library. For example, using the "Global Color Research" magazine is possible to predict trends in colors for two years to come. Our "light room" can observe how the choice of colors will change when the changes light spectrum. 


Using our transport or through our partners, we provide goods anywhere in Latvia in 24 hours.

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