KRASO W-GARD Nature SC18 stain for wooden furniture design – tone Charcoal

Product code: BSC18, BSC18/3, BSC18/5

Solvent-based stain for wooden furniture, doors, as well as other solid wood and veneered surfaces.

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KRASO W-GARD Nature SC18 stain Tone – Charcoal, obtained by applying the stain in one coat. The stain is intended for professional use by the spray method.


• highlights the texture of wood,
• gives the finish a refined, aesthetic shade.

The final tone and appearance depend on various factors:

• used wood species,
• surface preparation – grinding,
• stain application technique,
• varnish type.
Therefore, it is recommended to perform a test sample before the finished surface is fully processed.

The best way to apply a solvent-based industrial stain is spraying. Painted surfaces must be varnished to protect and give a high-quality finished look.

We offer a wide range of high-quality varnishes from Italian manufacturers for various applications such as kitchen furniture, countertops, stairs, doors, panels, and other types of furniture.

  • Scratch-resistant polyurethane-acrylic varnishes with UV protection and non-yellowing properties are suitable for finishing kitchen furniture, panels, doors, and other wooden surfaces. These varnishes are available in different degrees of gloss.
  • Varnishes with high wear resistance for wooden stairs and steps, parquet, wooden floors.
  • Antibacterial protection – any surface can be turned into a powerful defence against bacteria by adding the Silver Defence additive.

***The shades shown are as close as possible to the original samples, which are made of ash veneer and covered with high-quality, matte polyurethane-acrylic varnish RENNER JL-10M375, which is applicable to wooden panels, doors, etc. furniture.

KRASO W-GARD Nature Inspiration

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