Terms and Conditions

1. Information about the seller

These conditions apply to the purchase of goods from www.kraso.com/en online shop. The seller is KRASO ltd., a Latvian company duly registered and operating in the Republic of Latvia, legal personality code 40003519729, registered office at Vienibas gatve 93, Riga, Latvia. Data on the seller are collected and stored in the Register of Legal Entities maintained by the Business Register of the Republic of Latvia. The seller’s VAT identification number is LV40003519729.

2. Offer and conclusion of the contract

(1) The purchase is considered completed when the buyer has created a shopping cart in our online shop, has indicated his name (in Latin letters) and his delivery address as well as the exact postal code, has chosen the payment method, and read these General Terms and Conditions, presses the “Place order” button and pays for the order or chooses the payment method.

(2) Non-payment of the order shall be deemed to be a cancellation of the contract.

(3) The seller is entitled to contact the buyer at the telephone number or e-mail address specified in the order to discuss the concluded contract or to clarify any doubts in connection with the fulfillment of the contract.

(4) When the Buyer places and/or pays for an order, he will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of the order.

(5) When completing the order, the Seller shall send the Buyer an e-mail informing him that the goods have been sent to the Buyer.

(6) Should the Seller not be able to sell the Goods, e.B. because the Goods are no longer in stock, because the Goods are no longer sold or because there is an error related to the price displayed in the Online Store, the Seller shall notify the Buyer by e-mail or other means (telephone or SMS) and the order will be canceled or alternatively goods will be offered, subject to a separate agreement with the buyer. If an alternative product cannot be offered or if the Buyer is not willing to accept it, the purchase will be canceled and the Seller will refund the amount paid within 14 (fourteen) calendar days if the Buyer has already paid for the Product.

3. Customer information: Correction notice

The Seller’s ordering process must give the Buyer the opportunity to review and correct any errors before the final order is placed. It is recommended that the buyer carefully reads and reviews the submitted order at every stage of the ordering process.

4. Payment

1) The buyer can pay for the goods:

  • by bank transfer to the Seller’s account specified in the VAT prepayment invoice;
  • by direct bank transfer, via Paysera, PayPal, PayPal Express, Stripe. Third parties authorized to provide cashless payment services are responsible for the processing of the Buyer’s data in accordance with the laws and regulations on the protection of the data of natural persons and data security.

(2) If the VAT invoice is not paid within 5 working days, the order will be canceled.

(3) If the Buyer does not confirm the payment order to his bank within 24 (twenty-four) hours after pressing the “Place order” button, the Seller is entitled to assume that the Buyer has withdrawn from the contract and to cancel the order.

5. Right of withdrawal

(1) Consumers are entitled to the statutory right of withdrawal as described. Entrepreneurs are not granted a voluntary right of withdrawal.

(2) The right of withdrawal does not apply in the following cases:

  • if you have purchased tinted paints. Tinted paints are prepared individually for each customer according to the customer’s desired tone.
  • for goods whose packaging is opened or damaged, or which have been improperly stored.

(3) If you withdraw from this Contract, we will immediately and no later than fourteen days from the date on which we receive notice of your withdrawal from this Contract and the Seller has received the returned goods, refund all payments received from you, except for the cost of delivery of the order if applicable. Excluding any additional return shipping costs incurred because you have chosen a delivery method other than the cheapest standard delivery offered by us.

6. Retention of title

The object of purchase remains our property until full payment has been made.

7. Price of goods and delivery costs

(1) The prices correspond to those of the online shop. The Seller shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the prices of the Goods are correct at the time of the Buyer’s order.

(2) In view of the fact that the Seller’s online store offers a wide range of goods, despite the reasonable efforts of the Seller, it cannot be excluded that the price of the goods is incorrect due to a technical error over which the Seller has no control. If the Seller determines that the price of the Goods is incorrect, it will inform the Buyer in writing by e-mail, telephone, and/or SMS and cancel the order. The buyer must reorder the same goods at the new, correct price if he wants to buy them.

(3) The prices of goods are subject to change, but such changes do not affect existing contracts. The prices of the goods in the e-store may differ from the prices in the retail stores of our company.

(4) The prices of the goods are inclusive of 21 % VAT (if applicable) at the rate in force in the Republic of Latvia at the time. If the VAT rate changes between the date of the order and the date of delivery, the price may change according to the change in the VAT rate, unless the goods have been paid in full by the buyer before the change in the VAT rate comes into force. The Seller shall notify the Buyer of such price changes in writing and give him the opportunity to purchase the Goods at the price adjusted to the changed VAT rate or to cancel the order. The order will be executed only after receipt of the buyer’s response. If the buyer cannot be reached via the contact details provided, the order will be considered canceled and the buyer will be notified in writing.

(5) The prices are without preparation of the order and without delivery costs. The exact delivery costs are visible when you fill out the order form and specify the delivery address. The buyer undertakes to indicate the exact place of delivery of the goods when selecting the home delivery service when ordering. The exact delivery price depends on the weight and price of the ordered goods.

8. The Buyer’s Obligations

(1) The buyer undertakes to provide only correct and complete information on the purchase form. In the event of a change in the information provided in the purchase form, the buyer is obliged to update it immediately.

(2) The customer undertakes to use the online shop in an appropriate manner and not to impair its operation and functionality. If the Buyer fails to comply with this obligation, the Seller shall have the right to restrict, suspend (terminate) the Buyer’s use of the Online Store without prior notice, and the Seller shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the Buyer in this context.

(3) The buyer is obliged to pay for and accept the ordered goods in accordance with these conditions.

(4) Notwithstanding the obligations set out in other clauses of the Conditions, the Buyer undertakes to inspect the goods prior to their use (including before their assembly, assembly, etc.) and to ensure that the Goods received are those ordered by the Buyer.

9. The Seller’s Obligations

(1) The seller undertakes:

  • make every effort to ensure that the Buyer can properly use the services of the Online Store;
  • respect the buyer’s privacy and process the buyer’s personal data only in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy, and the laws of the Republic of Latvia.

(2) The Seller undertakes to comply with all the requirements set out in these Conditions.

10. Manufacturer’s warranty

(1) Some goods sold by the seller are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. The details of the warranty and the applicable conditions are set out in the manufacturer’s warranty supplied with the goods.

(2) The manufacturer’s warranty is in addition to the buyer’s rights with regard to defective goods.

(3) The manufacturer’s warranty obligations shall only apply if the conditions of use of the goods have not been violated. Before using the goods, the buyer must carefully read the instructions for use for the goods, if any.

11. Product quality

(1) The seller guarantees the quality of the goods (legal quality guarantee). The seller grants a quality guarantee for different types of goods, which is valid for a certain period of time and whose specific duration and other conditions are indicated in the documents submitted with the goods.

(2) The product photos are for illustrative purposes only, the original products may differ from the illustrations. Photos of the inserted product cannot be used as a basis for a complaint. A product is considered compliant if it matches the sample, model, or description in the online store.

(3) The guarantee granted by the Seller does not limit the Buyer’s rights set out in the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia in the event of the purchase of goods of poor quality.

12. Responsibility

(1) The Buyer is responsible for the actions he takes through the Online Store, including but not limited to the accuracy of the data provided in the purchase form. The buyer is liable for the consequences of errors or inaccuracies in the data provided in the purchase form.

(2) By completing the purchase form in the online shop, the customer is responsible for the storage and/or disclosure of his access data to third parties. If the services provided in the online shop are used by third parties who have logged into the online shop with the buyer’s access data, the seller treats this person as the buyer and the buyer is liable for all actions of these third parties carried out in the online shop.

(3) The Seller, insofar as this is not incompatible with applicable law, is exempt from any liability if the damage is due to the fact that the Buyer has not read these Terms, this Privacy Policy, and other documents referred to in these Conditions, although he has had the opportunity to do so, regardless of the Seller’s recommendations and obligations.

(4) The seller delivers the goods only for domestic use and personal use. The Buyer undertakes not to use the goods sold for commercial, business, or resale purposes, and the Seller shall not be liable for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or loss of business opportunities suffered by the Buyer.

(5) The Seller is not responsible for the information provided on the websites of other companies, even if the Buyers reach these websites via a link in the Seller’s online store.

13. Events over which the Seller has no influence

(1) The Seller shall not be liable for the non-performance or delayed performance of the contract or any obligation arising from the contract if this non-performance or delay is due to events over which the Seller has no influence.

(2) An event beyond the control of the Seller shall mean any act or event beyond the control of the Seller.

(3) In the event of an event for which the Seller is not responsible and which impairs the proper performance of its contractual obligations:

  • The Seller shall inform the Buyer without delay;
  • The fulfillment of the Seller’s obligations under the contract is suspended, and the period for the fulfillment of the obligations is extended by the period corresponding to the duration of the event beyond the control of the Seller. If events for which the Seller is not responsible affect the delivery of the goods to the Buyer, the Seller shall agree on a new delivery date after the end of the events for which the Seller is not responsible.

14. Transmission of information

(1) The term “written” as used in the Rules includes e-mails.

(2) In order to contact the Seller in writing or in the event that the Terms and Conditions provide for the Buyer to contact the Seller in writing, the Buyer must send the Seller an e-mail to the address info@kraso.com or a regular letter to KRASO Ltd., Vienības gatve 93, Riga, LV-1010. The Seller will inform the Buyer in writing of the receipt of the notification (usually by e-mail).

(3) The Seller shall send all communications to the Buyer to the e-mail address provided by the Buyer on the purchase form.

15. Commercial place of jurisdiction

For all disputes arising from this contract is our place of business, if you are a merchant.

16. Final provisions

These Terms and the relationship between the parties under these Terms (including the formation, validity, enforcement, and termination of the Agreement) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction of our place of business.