Svensk Svart Slamfärg Swedish traditional black paint

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Matt, exterior wood paint made from wheat flour and linseed oil.

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Svensk Svart slamfärg Swedish traditional black paint suitable for sawn wood surfaces or those that have previously been painted with the same type of paint.

Traditional Swedish black paint is cooked from water, wheat flour and linseed oil.

Proper preparation is important:

  • If there is a risk of mould spores in the wood, first treat with an anti-mould liquid.
  • Remove dust, dirt and mould from the surface if it has formed.
  • Apply the paint with a brush. Apply to fill pores and cracks in the wood surface.
  • Care must be taken to avoid leaving any unpainted areas, as these will not be even when painted later.
  • Overcast, windless weather is recommended for painting, as the paint will dry more slowly and bond better to the surface to be painted.


  • Not suitable for window frames and doors.
  • Not suitable for planed boards.
  • Shade: nearest NCS: S 8500-N
  • Drying time is 2 – 6 hours, depending on the wood processing conditions.

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10 L

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